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Hydro-Drive for Golf Applications 18″

  • Superstructure Frame: 50% thicker 3/8” steel substructure and a ½” thick steel lateral support reinforces frame rigidity.
  • Durable Cut System: A) Features a rugged cast iron gearbox, spiral cut gears, and thick seals. Sealed bearings, one-inch plated lateral stability bar, large aluminum dog bones and tight eccentric placement adds strength and dependability. Laser clad cutting blade for precision cut and up to 3x blade life. B)St. Augustine blade. Sharpened inside arm corners. Optional for SC181 ser. only. Part #: 37333
  • Billy Goat® Controls, the Common Experience™: Our best in class controls package provides standardized variable speed intuitive hydro-drive controls allowing an operator to feather in forward / reverse directly at the handles with no shifting required. Billy Goat Controls offer a consistent customer experience across our hydro-drive machines affording fleet buyers and rental customers simple operation, as well as ease of training and renting.
  • Heavy-Duty Transmission: Drives 1.25” plated tapered axle with two-inch sealed bearings coupled to a one-inch jack shaft with armor coated chain for rugged drive reliability.
  • Set and Forget Blade Depth Adjustment to 2.5″: Single lever and clamp at user’s operating position adjusts simply, saving time and providing precise cutting depths.
  • Multiple Oversized Isolation Mounts: Absorb vibration so operator completes tasks quickly, comfortably and without fatigue.
  • Rear Swivel Caster: Perfect for curved work and locks for straight cutting.
  • Convenient Hour Meter: Tracks hours of operation to help determine when to service the machine. Also ideal for rental stores to track machine hours of use when rented.
  • Heavy-Duty Bumper & Tear-Drop Tie Downs: Machine transport is safe and easy with a heavy-duty front bumper bar and six tie-down points, front and rear positions.
  • Easy Access Service Doors: Three service doors positioned at front and back of machine offer convenient access for servicing.
  • Knobby Wheels for Golf Applications: Ideal for softer touch bent grass, shallow applications.
  • Well-Ventilated Housing: Provides increased venting for cool operation and longer transmission life.
  • Next Gen Hydro-Drive Sod Cutter Warranty: 2-Year limited Honda engine and 1-year bumper-to-bumper machine warranty.
  • Text To Video: The label featured on the unit provides access to quick operating instructions video from your mobile device by texting the word “SOD” to 33988!
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Sod Cutter for Golf Applications

The Next Gen 18″ Hydro-Drive Sod Cutter for Golf applications is perfect for a soft touch, shallow cut, and bent grass. With variable ground speeds – forward and reverse – and intuitive controls, this sod cutter is the easiest to operate and most comfortable to use sod cutter on the market. This unit is built upon the most rugged foundation in the industry with a newly designed superstructure frame featuring 50 more pounds of steel and supports a robust drive and cut system. Plus a laser-clad cutting blade offers precision cut and up to 3x blade life.

The machine’s heavy-duty gear box and cutting system include oversized sealed bearings, tight shaft mounted eccentrics, and a one-inch lateral stability bar – all designed to provide the next level in durability. Knobby wheels are ideal for a softer touch, shallow cut bent grass applications.


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