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BC26 Series Outback

  • Tuff Torq™ Hydrostatic Transaxle: With Enhanced Traction Control is fully automatic, sensing when the rear wheel starts to spin, locking the wheel, and giving it positive traction. Provides superior traction in wet or uneven conditions and eliminates loss of forwarding motion.
  • Pivoting Deck: ±12 degree pivoting deck with a proprietary return to neutral is engineered to glide over uneven terrain. 26” wide deck with higher tip speed for improved speed and cut quality.
  • BC26 Heavy-Duty Blade Spindle: Reinforced in four directions for maximum durability and safety, so you can keep cutting in the harshest conditions.
  • Rubberized Rear Deck Trim: This allows for easier stump clearance in reverse.
  • Billy Goat® Controls, the Common Experience™: Our best-in-class controls package provides standardized variable speed intuitive hydro-drive controls allowing an operator to feather in forward / reverse direction at the handles with no shifting required. Billy Goat Controls offer a consistent customer experience across our hydro-drive machines affording fleet buyers and rental customers simple operation, as well as ease of training and renting.
  • Wider Tractor Tires: For better grabbing and pulling power.
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26” Hydro-Drive Brushcutter

Make quick work of under-brush, berries, saplings, bramble, vines, tall grass, and small trees! The Outback® BC26 can cut saplings up to 2” wide and brush 6’ tall – all at a rate of just under an acre of brush per hour.

The BC26 has a 26” wide deck with higher tip speed for improved speed and cut quality. This nature-taming performer comes standard with a Tuff Torq™ hydrostatic transmission featuring fully automatic Enhanced Traction Control (ETC ), offering superior traction in wet or uneven conditions. Engineered to glide over uneven terrain, the pivoting brush deck hugs the ground for a better cut. This minimizes scalping and improves traction by keeping the weight of the machine on its drive wheels. (Honda engine version can handle up to 20-degree slopes and Briggs engine version handles up to 15-degree slopes.)


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