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CH5540H Features:
  • PTO Input Power Range: 25-45 hp
  • Chipping Blades: 4 Reversible Heat-treated
  • Drive Type: Double-Banded Belt
  • Feed System: Hydraulic
  • Hydraulic Controller: DDC System
  • Weight: 1074 lbs.


5-inch PTO Chipper

If a 5-inch PTO chipper is what you need, Crary® Bear Cat® has just the right machine for you. You choose the model based on your power requirements.

The CH5540H (CE compliant model available) comes equipped with a 20″ x 1.25″, 140 pound, dynamically balanced steel rotor with four reversible chipper blades, easy feeding with a big 28″ x 28″ feed hopper, and 5.7″ x 7″ chipper throat opening that allows small side limbs, 360 degrees rotating 6″ discharge chute.

The CH5540H features a Digital Display Controller (DDC) hydraulic feed system with a variable speed feed roller with instant reverse.

The DDC features:
Movable Digital TFT screen for easy viewing, even in bright sunlight conditions
Soft key menu selection buttons for simple user navigation
Pre-programmed maintenance schedule reminders
Hydraulic system diagnostic capabilities
Troubleshooting screens to provide in-field help
Pre-programmed with English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Norwegian, Russian, and Chinese
Tested in the most extreme conditions to ensure longevity

The Chippers’ hydraulic feed system is electronically controlled. If the rotor speed drops below the optimal operational RPM range, the controller pauses the feed roller to allow the rotor to regain speed and then restarts feeding once optimal rotor RPM is achieved. This AutoFeed function allows for less fatigue on worn parts and maximizes efficiency.

NOTE – For Use On Tractors with PTO Horsepower Ratings From 25 hp to 45 hp


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