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Utility B13 MER

Utility B13 MER Features:

  • Snowdog Utility overcomes ice tracks, deep snow, and rough terrain.
  • Standard equipment includes LED light, electric starter, disk brakes, and a convenient engine cover.
  • This model is equipped with reverse gear, for better operating in narrow spaces with little turning space.
  • Wide handlebar — makes operating easier and enlarges the luggage compartment.
  • Heated grips are controlled by a handlebar switch and ensure the ride will be comfortable.
  • Handguards protect users’ hands against tree branches and cold wind.
  • Deep snow performance can be improved by the installation of trolley-slider suspension (optional).


Snowdog Utility B13 MER is a reliable companion designed to take you long distances in deep snow.

Equipped with 13.5 hp Briggs & Stratton engine and CVT it can haul sleds with weight up to 440 lb on dry ground (much more on snow and ice).

In 2021, the time-tested Snowdog Utility has got a new wide handlebar with handguards and heated grips, a more comfortable luggage compartment, and the ability to get the updated slider suspension installed.


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