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Windstorm Features:

  • NDS: Nozzle Direction System – Scag’s exclusive NDS (Nozzle Direction System) provides unprecedented control of the air-discharge vertical tilt and horizontal rotation.
  • Fingertip Switches – Adjust the nozzle’s rotation up to 180 degrees using an Auto Left/Right Switch and a Fine-Tune Switch.
  • Convenient Manual Lever – Adjust the tilt of the discharge nozzle up to 16 degrees: lower to help loosen and blast stubborn debris or higher to prevent blowback.
  • Massive Air Output – Massive air output of up to 6,000 effective CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute) (7,500 theoretical peak CFM) provides incredible ground-clearing force on a variety of surfaces and applications.
  • Fabricated and Balanced, 23″, 8-Blade Impeller – Heavy-duty blower construction ensures years of dependable service and worry-free performance. The 23″ steel, the 8-blade impeller is dynamically balanced for smooth operation. The impeller mounting utilizes a tapered locking hub.
  • Large, Dual Air Intake – Built with a front and rear air intake. Housing is aerodynamically designed to optimize intake without causing turbulence.
  • Controls and Instrument Panel – Proven, ergonomic drive-control lever’s design provides incredible ease of use. The instrument panel features NDS, ignition switch, PTO switch, throttle control, choke control, and Scag’s exclusive Tiger Eye™ Advanced Monitoring System.
  • Operator Station – With an extra-thick cushion for operator comfort, the coil-suspension operator platform delivers an unmatched, ultra-comfortable ride. Tie-down points are built in to quickly secure to a trailer. The removable cushion and lower panel allow for quick and easy service access. Convenient engine and hydraulic oil drains are located underneath.
  • Powerful and Efficient Engine – Powered by a 37 hp Vanguard® BIG BLOCK™ EFI air-cooled engine for huge power, along with exceptional efficiency and dependable performance.



A storm is on the horizon, and it’s about to blow tough jobs away. Powered by a 37 hp, fuel-injected Briggs Vanguard® BIG BLOCK™ engine, the Windstorm® delivers incredible ground-clearing force. A compact, stand-on design makes maneuvering in tight spaces a cinch while its multi-directional air output aims for airflow exactly where it’s needed.


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