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Xplorer XR 500 SE

ENGINE: This compact 4-stroke single overhead camshaft (SOHC) engine is liquid cooled and features electronic fuel injection (EFI). Offering the perfect balance of horsepower and torque, the 443cc engine will work just as hard as you do to get the job done while providing the necessary power for trail rides.

SUSPENSION: XR 500 models feature independent double A-arm front and rear suspensions with extended travel for premium comfort and control in all riding conditions. With adjustable preload shocks, riders can easily make adjustments to match their riding style and load carrying requirements.

WHEELS AND TIRES: The XR 500 SE is equipped with 24” Kenda tires seated on aluminum rims. These aggressive off-road tires provide superior traction when venturing off road. Always wear a helmet and drive safe.

STEEL FRONT & REAR RACKS: Gear up and get down to business. The steel front and rear racks deliver 264 pounds carrying capacity, with multiple tie-down locations for maximum versatility. Now, where are you heading this weekend?

MULTIFUNCTIONAL DIGITAL GAUGE: Digital instrument panel with odometer, speedometer, Tripmeter, RPM, transmission position, 2WD/4WD/LOCK indicator, fuel gauge, temperature, low-battery, high beam and check engine lights.

PUSH-BUTTON 2WD/4WD WITH FRONT DIFFERENTIAL LOCK: Making your experience better. With just a push of a button, selecting between 2WD/4WD gives you on demand capabilities with the addition of a locking front differential for added grab and traction in unruly terrain.

HEAVY-DUTY 3,000 LB WINCH: Be ready for everything and anything. When you need extra muscle, this heavy-duty 3,000 lb winch has been engineered for durability, which maximizes strength and longevity.

HITCH: The rugged 2-inch receiver features automotive styling and a maximum towing capacity up to 1,050 pounds.




Quite frankly, it doesn’t matter what kind of machine we make. If it has the name ARGO on it, it’s built with the go-anywhere spirit. Heck, we could make roller skates, and there’s a good chance we’d find a way to make them terrain-defying. The Xplorer XR 500 SE is just another example.

This ATV is long on features for tackling the tough places while keeping you comfortable – 443cc liquid-cooled engine with EFI, performance clutching, trusted bump-eating suspension, and engine braking. Premium features like a 3,000 lb winch, painted body panels and aluminum rims make this SE look fearless. So throw a leg over and head on out. There’s a place called Anywhere, and you have a reservation.


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