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Xplorer XRT 1000

ENGINE: Pure power that excites. The dynamic 997cc V-Twin single overhead camshaft (SOHC) 4-stroke engine comes with EFI and liquid cooling for optimal performance in all conditions. With a subtle roar, it’s designed and tuned to deliver superlative fuel economy and progressive torque over its broad powerband, with an auxiliary fan for consistent performance in the most demanding conditions.

IMPROVED SUSPENSION: Double A-arm front and rear suspension delivers premium comfort and control in all conditions. On all XRT models we mount the shocks to the lower A-arm for maximum shock performance and a wider range of rider comfort. Fine-tune the suspension for individual riding styles and load carrying with adjustable coil-over-spring settings.

ELECTRONIC POWER STEERING: All conveniently set from the digital display, the Tri-Mode Speed Sensing Electronic Power Steering (TMSS EPS) not only senses the ATV speed for varying levels of assist, the rider can select no assist, minimum assist and maximum assist steering.

MAXXIS OFF-ROAD TIRES: Control and handling for every turn and trail. The Maxxis tires have an aggressive off-road design providing superior traction when venturing off road.

STEEL FRONT & REAR RACKS: Gear up and get down that trail. The steel front and rear racks deliver 264 pounds carrying capacity, with multiple tie-down locations for maximum versatility. Load up your favorite gear and go!

MULTIFUNCTIONAL DIGITAL GAUGE: Digital display features odometer, speedometer, trip odometer, RPM, EPS setting, & fuel level. Surrounding the display are indicators for transmission position, hi-temp, low battery, high beam, low oil pressure, check engine, 2WD/4WD and differential lock indicators.

HEAVY-DUTY 3,000 LB WINCH: Be ready for everything and anything. When you need extra muscle, this heavy-duty 3,000 lb winch has been engineered for durability, which maximizes strength and longevity.

The rugged 2-inch receiver features automotive styling and a maximum towing capacity up to 1,300 pounds.




In a world of individual social media thumb surfing, we proudly do a 180 and offer up something that’s got enough excitement for two. Yes, the Xplorer XRT 1000 LE 2-Up allows the experiences of boulder-strewn inclines, wide-horizon plains and tree-lined trails with pine needles crunching beneath the tires to be shared.

The need for speed starts with big power with our 997cc liquid-cooled engine. The ride is buttery-smooth thanks to the superior independent suspension, EPS and 26″ tires on aluminum rims with added features like a front bumper and handguards for protection. When riding with a passenger, there’s still ample room to bring your gear. So who gets to drive? Well, rochambeau best out of three and get a move on. There’s more than enough power to go around. Don’t forget to turn those cool eyebrow lights on for daytime safety.


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